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Are you new to the multisport world of swimming, cycling or running and would like to get ready for your first triathlon? Have you been exercising on a regular basis and are stuck in a rut? Or are you an accomplished triathlete trying to achieve a new personal record? No matter where you are in your journey, it's never too late to start asking for help.

To be in shape is one thing, to get faster is another thing.

Very few of us have the luxury to exercise without restrictions. Most of us have demanding jobs, families and friends, while trying to chase our athletic dreams. My approach to endurance coaching is a holistic analysis, taking your daily challenges into account and accompany you on your life journey to achieve your individual goals with individual help. Stop wasting your time with things that don't work. I'm ready to invest my personal multisport success and experience to your advantage. I'm excited to motivate you to reach your personal best in your athletic future.

I offer custom training plans to fit your schedule. It starts with a personal consultation to analyse your situation and to custom fit the necessary steps in the time given. We can extended it to personal training sessions in swimming, biking, running and strength training with video analysis and direct input to improve your focus and results. Feel free to contact me without any obligations to learn more about the different partnership opportunities.
Review Training Plan
Training Data Analysis (through Trainingpeaks)
Individual Training Session
Phone Support
$350.00 per Plan
One Time (12 weeks)
One Time at Start
$80.00 per 1 hour
$100.00 per month
(6 month minimum)
$300.00 per month
(6 month minimum)
Weekly, Continous

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